First Season in 470
We came together as a very good team, tested our abilities and exceeded our goals
- Top 15 Junior World Championship Thessaloniki
- Top 10 Junior European Championship Balaton
- Top 3 Swiss Championship
- Worldcup in Weymouth to approach the international level

Final year of studies for both
Sailing days: 150
- Wintertraining in Hyères and Barcelona with the Swiss Team; main work on
technique and physical conditioning
- Find sponsorship
- Finish studies
- Be in the top 50% of a World Cup event
- Qualify for the Gold Fleet in both World and European Championship’s

Approach the World elite
Sailing days: 200
- Significant increase in training on the venue of Weymouth
- qualify for testevent Weymouth
- Goldfleet World Cup Weymouth
- Qualify country for Olympic Games

Olympic Year
Sailing days: 200
Schedule/Goals :
- Consistent training regime on Olympic venues
- If not done in Perth, do the criterias for Olympics in Hyères or at Worlds
- Continue to train/race to maintain top 15/elite level in 470 class
- Olympic Games

Incorporate Sailing on other types of Boats into our 470 training
racing regimens to broaden and strengthen our abilities
Sailing days: 200
Schedule/Goals :
- Sail on the Match Race Tour
- Sail the Tour de France à la Voile
- Continue to train/race to maintain top 15/elite level in 470 class
Continue to train/race to maintain top 15/élite level in 470 class.
Sailing days : 200
Goals :
- Top 15 World and European Championship
- Top 15 World Cups

Year of qualifications for the Olympics
Fulltime sailing
- Adaptation of training for the different venues of qualification
- Top 10 World Championship
- Top 10 in World Cup Ranking
- Training on the venue of Rio de Janeiro

Olympic Games 2016
- Live and train on the venue of the Olympic Games
- Win a medal

Elements of our Preparation

Technique Optimizaton
- Helmsmanship (all conditions)
- Boat and sail trim (all points of sail ; winds, currents, course, etc.)
- Maneuver (starts, marks, sets, conditions, situations)
- Boat speed

Mental Conditioning
- Visualisation
- Relaxation and reaction training for better helm, sail trim and weight/balance control
- Channel and control of emotions

Strategie and Tactics – focus
- Wind, water, weather
- Starts, course, mark s
- Know the competition before and during each race
- Rules
- Mark approaching and rounding
- Anticipation – thinking ahead

Physical Conditioning
- Optimal weight maintenance
- Endurance/energy
- Strength and agility

- Balanced meals for health, strength and recovery
- Before, during and after training/races
- No to drugs